Sunday, October 14, 2012

Born on October 14 - Innovative Celebrity Horoscope

1. Radix - inside: tropical zodiac; in the middle: sidereal zodiac; in the outermost zone: constellations

ISE Innovative Astrology Program - Kennedy radix horoscope

2. Rory G. Kennedy - Advanced Aspectaria to the natal chart

ISE Astrology Software - Rory Kennedy aspects natal horoscope

3. Graphs by the local determination (houses, quadrants) to the Radix

Inner Sky Electrum Astrology Software Kennedy local determination

4. Graphs with the cosmical background (seasons, elementa) to the Radix

Inner Sky Astrology Software - Kennedy Graphs 2

5. Rory G. Kennedy radix (inside: tropical frame, in the middle: Indian Lunar mansions (starting with Krttika)

Inner Sky Innovative Astrology Program - R. Kennedy radix, Nakshatra

Short Bio

American noted family, the daughter of Victoria and Michael Kennedy. Her dad was killed in a ski accident on 12/31/1997. Her mom is the daughter of sportscaster Frank Gifford.

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